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June 22-23, 2001
The Conference "Federalism:   Russian and Swiss Perspectives."

February 9-10, 2001
The Conference "Federalism in the XXI century:
Russian and International dimensions."

November 29, 2000
The Seminar " State building reforms and the prospects of federalism in Russia."

October 2, 2000
The Seminar "Economic Factors
of Federalisation of Russia"

February 25-26, 2000
The Conference "Future of Russian Federalism:
Political and Ethnic Factors"

January 18, 2000
The Seminar "Ethnic Factor
in Federalisation of Russia"

November 30, 1999
The Seminar "External Economic Activities
of the Regions:
the Role in Federalisation of Russia"

October 5, 1999
The Seminar "The Law Creation
by the Subjects of Russia and it's Influence
on the Process of Federalisation of Russia"


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