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The papers presented at Seminars and Conferences:

The Seminar "The Law Creation
by the Subjects of Russia and it's Influence
on the Process of Federalisation of Russia"

(October 5, 1999)

The Seminar "External Economic Activities
of the Regions:
the Role in Federalisation of Russia"

(November 30, 1999)

The Seminar "Ethnic Factor
in Federalisation of Russia"

(January 18, 2000)

The Conference
"Future of Russian Federalism:
Political and Ethnic Factors"

(February 25-26, 2000)

Project Participants' Publications

Raphael Khakimov

Path Forward for the Russian Federation. - Network on Ethnological Monitoring and Early Waming of Conflict. Bulletin (Vol.2, No.2). June 1995. Cambridge.

Prospects of Federalism in Russia: A View from Tatarstan. - Security Dialogue. 1996, Vol. 27(1): 67-80.

Russia and Tatarstan. At a Crossroads of History. Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia, vol.37, no.1 (Summer 1998), pp.30-71.

Tatarstan's Model For Developing Russian Federalism. Centre and Periphery in Russian Politics. The Development of Russian Federalism. Nr.235, September 1998, pp.43-52.

Rafic Abdrakhmanov

Rafik Abdrakhmanov, Elmira Mavrina.
Republic of Tatarstan. Model of Ethnological Monitoring.
Moscow.1999.150 p. (in Russian).

Gulsum Pugacheva

Rafik Abdrakhmanov, Gulsum Pugacheva.
Perspectives of Federalism in Russia.   Orenburg ,  Publishing "South Ural", "ETNOpanorama", ? 1,  2001. p.29-35

Gulsum Pugacheva
Questions of the property of the depths in federative state. // The property and stratification of the modern society: the regional and national characteristics. The materials of all Russia conference. Kazan. 2001.


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